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On this site you will learn how to get the right paint for your Nissan and where to buy it. The official corporate Nissan site is here but it does not offer touch up paint for purchase.

We are unaware of any Nissan Motor Company website
offering touchup paint.
Nissan touch up paint
Nissan Maxima
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The Three Things You Need to Know

Before ordering paint you need to know this about your car:

1. The model

2. The year

3. The color code

Answers to Frequent Questions About Nissan Paint

The paint codes - where find the codes?

All Nissan cars have a color code that is used match the paint color of your car. Unfortunately, Nissan does not have "one place" where color paint codes are found.

The Nissan paint code is required to get the precise OEM color formulation. This is based on the color, model and year of your Nissan.

There are a half-dozen different places where Nissan puts the paint code. It depends on the year and model of your car.

Start Here for a Useful Graphic
If you do not know where your paint code is located.

What are the paint codes

On the color codes page we have a list of recent codes used by Nissan.

If your code is not listed it does not mean we do not have your color. It simply means your vehicle is older that the long list of codes we have tabulated.

When you start your touch up paint order you can select from all paint codes going back many years.

Can I Buy Any Store Paint?

No. You should always buy paint from an auto paint specialist whose know-how is providing OEM, or original manufacturer paint colors, for Nissan makes and models.

No store can afford stock and shelve the literally hundreds of common paint variations for Nissans, plus all other vehicle makes, for years on end. If they did, the paint would get old and stale.

A few handpicked paint suppliers exist with the high tech, state of the art equipment needed to precisely generate an accurate paint color match for your Nissan.

The provider we highly recommend is MicroFinish. The company operates a website called AutomotiveTouchup where you can economically buy guaranteed color matching paint made on the spot just for you.

Where to Buy Nissan Touch Up Paint

Nissan Dealers - Your local Nissan dealer may have Nissan touch up paint. Pricing will vary. We reviewed the official US Nissan website and it did not offer any Nissan touch up paint for sale or any pricing.

There is a better alterntive to paying the high dealership cost for paint that may not be in stock, spending expensive gas for paint that has been on a shelf for who knows how long. Buy your paint from one these two specialty providers.

These state-of-the-art paint manufacturers will custom formulate your paint to match the OEM specification for your car. It is critical to get a guaranteed color match for your vehicle no matter the year, make, or model.

These are the original paint providers industry insiders use, whether it is a car manufacturer or body repair shop.

Automotive Touchup

Microfinish, our top recommendation, is centrally headquartered in Louisiana.

Through its website, AutomotiveTouchup, the company has an amazing 60,000 original OEM auto colors in stock used to make over 300,000 custom variations to match even faded paint.

Due to its size and expertise, Automotive Touchup is also able to offer the best pricing for its products.

Paint Scratch

Another good paint supplier is Bio Pac. The company website is called Paint Scratch. Hailing out of Nevada, Paint Scratch also has more than 100,000 color variations at its disposal used to provide consistent OEM color matches.

Either way, these companies are safe suppliers of paint to make sure your Nissan's paint is repaired and your vehicle continues to look new.

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